Summer Learning Programs

Research shows that students forget between 20-50% of their content knowledge during the course of the summer. As students reach higher grade levels, these knowledge gaps tend to be even more substantial. This phenomenon is often referred to as Summer Brain Drain. In order to prevent Summer Brain Drain, we offer a variety of Summer Booster Programs. Each program consists of one-on-one sessions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual student. We highly recommend that students meet with a teacher/tutor at least once every other week (once per week, ideally) in order to help prevent content knowledge loss during the summer.
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Summer SOS:

Sessions designed to help students who struggle with foundational concepts or have gaps in their content knowledge.  If your child struggles with a particular topic or content area (math, reading comprehension, writing, etc.) we would love to help strengthen their foundation, deepen their understanding of the material, and fill in any existing gaps.

Summer Maintenance:

Sessions designed to help students maintain their skill set and avoid falling behind through the summer.

Summer Pre-Teaching:

Sessions designed to help students learn a portion of next year’s curriculum in advance.

Summer Quest:

Sessions designed to help spark your child’s curiosity, explore potential future interests, and help students learn about the things they wonder about. Can be geared toward real-world issues, experiences, careers, jobs, life skills, etc..

ACT or SAT Prep:

Individually designed programs to help students prepare to take the SAT or ACT.


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